What is the Alliance?

Originally formed by YMCA volunteers, the Indiana Alliance of YMCAs (Alliance) is the ongoing effort of YMCAs to work together, and with other partners, on issues that matter most in the lives of Hoosiers.

The Alliance is comprised of forty-two corporate YMCAs from across Indiana, as well as the YMCA of Greater Louisville, which has two branches in southern Indiana, and YMCA of Greater Michiana, with a location in South Bend. YMCAs are in 90 diverse communities around the state, and serve over 829,000 Hoosiers, both youth and adults.  

The Alliance supports YMCAs through advocacy efforts, professional development opportunities for staff and volunteers, shared program focuses to address social conditions, combining YMCAs' resources to effectively and efficiently deliver services, and collection of data that helps articulate impact and results delivered by YMCAs to improve conditions.


Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles of the Alliance

The Alliance’s mission is to enhance the relevancy and sustainability of Indiana YMCAs with a clear vision to be a trusted collaborator, influencer, convener, and conduit for collective impact that strengthens Indiana.

These guiding principles drive the work of the Alliance:

We value autonomy.

We value ongoing education.

We believe in the power of volunteer leadership.

We value collective strength.